Welcome to la loquacious!

I'll mostly use this place to display my icons, which you are welcome to use! However, there are a few rules...

Terms of use (for icons and textures)
1. No hotlinking
2. Comment if you take any
3. Credit me (cause I did all the hard work, right?)
4. Do not alter (not even the text less ones)

If you don't follow these rules, bla bla bla... Ah, who am I kidding. Let's be honest. It's not like I'm gonna hunt you down and have you flayed and hung from a bracket at the door if you don't follow these "rules". If you write a line in your userpics crediting me, then great! But I'm not frantic about it. All I ask is that you at least don't pretend you made it. Just proper respect, that's all.

And feel free to friend me if you would like to keep an eye on updates. ;)


I've bought my first domain! :D I really wanted to have a separate site for icons (besides lj), so I bought vivikon.com! I haven't done that much to it yet but it's up and running... I'll still be posting icons here of course, I just like the idea of having everything in one place, organized in categories. ;)

Requested icons

I'm sorry this took so long, but I'm even more sorry they're so crappy. All are open for grabs and if you want to add some effects yourselves, you're welcome to. I was planning on making some more but I figured I'd used enough time already and I had to post them. I might make some more later, from some of the unused pictures, but knowing myself it's not very likely... Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of them.

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Taking requests

I don't think I'll actually get any requests, since no one probably visits this journal, but if anyone would want a couple of icons, I'm game. I'm not going to set a limit to how many people I'll take requests from, I'll just wait and see if I get any and take it from there...

30 icons; Cruel Intentions, Supernatural, Xena and more!

I have my final exam tomorrow....and what am I doing...? Yeah, that's right, posting icons. I'm just so sick of studying! I really need a break, and what better way to do it? So, if my pass my exam, 2 pm tomorrow, I'm officially an educated economist. That's pretty scary. People will actually expect me to know stuff. Financial stuff! That's if I pass, which I probably won't if I keep spending time on lj. So I'll just post my stuff and be out of here.

(07) The virgin suicides
(05) Cruel Intentions
(03) Supernatural
(10) Xena - the warrior princess
(05) Stock/Norway

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56 icons; Harry Potter, Gerard Butler and Rome

56 icons: Harry Potter (+ two wallpapers), Gerard Butler and Rome! There aren't a lot of textures, text, brushes, etc, on these because I wanted to focus on the cropping and colouring. They're not bases though. If anyone desperately want some text added and ask nicely, I might be willing to do so.

(24) Harry Potter
(12) Gerard Butler
(20) Rome

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70 misc icons

It's easter break so I have a lot of free time on my hands, hence three updates in less than a week. A lot of these are made from old blends and wallpapers of mine.

(05) Keira Knightley
(10) Laura Prepon
(05) Salma Hayek
(20) Buffy
(10) 300
(20) Lost actors

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